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We are a privately held IT software development company originally founded in 1987 and are operating successfully since. We are located in central New Jersey in Monroe Township

Our company focuses on developing software tools to help Windows and Exchange Administrators perform their jobs much easier at an affordable price. Out tools are used worldwide by hundreds of companies ranging from IT consulting firms, small to mid-businesses and Fortune 500 enterprises. All our software tools are designed from grounds up to be easy to install and use. However; the real key to our growth and success is our outstanding customer service and technical support which makes us stand out.We provide live person phone support for all our purchased and trial version products with easy to find contact phone number listed visibly on our website. There are no lengthy frustrating hold times to answer your questions when you call us.

We also produced an industry first innovative software nine years ago. It is used by small to medium businesses worldwide. Designed for Exchange servers, it not only filters out spams at an effective rate but also performs the function of email archiving, email monitoring, and diagnostic and other email troubleshooting functions to supplement your Exchange server; some of these features are not found in any other similar products.

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