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NTFS Permissions Migration

Windows NTFS Migration will save your time in exporting folder’s NTFS Permissions from one server to another. Along with NTFS Permissions all Users and Groups and OUs are also exported. A handy tool for Windows Server Administrators which is real easy to install and use.

  • Key Features
  • Export Import an entire Windows Folder structure
  • Export Import NTFS permissions for the windows folders
  • Exports and imports associated Users and Groups, Groups Memberships and OUs
  • Easy to install with an intuvitive graphic user interface
Ver 5.2 Released!

NTFS Permissions Migration is designed to help Windows Server Administrators easily migrate entire folders structures along with its associated Users, Groups, and permissions to another server. This tool alleviates the need to recreate folders and permissions during migration. NTFS tool will also automatically recreate the Users and Groups that are required in order to migrate NTFS permissions on another server.

Main Features and Benefits
  • Export / Import Folders Structures from one server to another
  • Export / Import NTFS Permissions for the folders
  • Automatically recreated Users and Groups required for NTFS permissions
  • Easy to install and use with a graphical user interface