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NTFS Permissions Migration

This tool will save you time in migrating Windows folder NTFS Permissions from one server to another.Typically this tool is used by administrators migrating users and groups that also need to migrate folders structure along with its entire NTFS permissions. A handy tool for Windows Server Administrators which is real easy to install and use.

  • Key Features
  • Export /Import an entire Windows Folder Structure at once
  • Export/Import NTFS permissions for the windows folders
  • Automatically exports and imports associated Users and Groups
  • Easy to install with an intuvitive graphic user interface
Ver 5.2 Released!

A real time saver software. We needed to export hundreds of folders and associated NTFS Permissions. It worked out great for us.
Baron Holmes Systems Support Specialist
I really like the product. Your Export tool has been great, I am extremely impressed. As a relative beginner, I found the product to be very easy to use and comprehensive plus great value!
Thai Murphy Network Service Engineer
I just exported 900 Folders and their NTFS permissions along with Users, Groups and Group Memberships. I was done in 10 minutes. Great tool to migrate to a new server.
Paul Rosencranes ICT Technician
Awesome it worked great. I was able to export NTFS permissions for hundreds of folders. Plus I got all my users exported to new Active Directory.
Ed Mang Security Specialist