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Windows Server Monitor

Use the Windows Server Monitor to keep an eye on all the critical components of your Windows server and save downtime. Proactively receive email or cell phone when your server is running low on disk space or one of the criritcal monitored services is stopped all of a sudden. Monitor CPU, Memory, Network and much more.

  • Key Features
  • Monitor most critical components of your server
  • Automatically re-start a critical service when it goes down
  • Receive email or text messages alert for monitored components
  • Easy to install with an intuvitive graphic user interface
Ver 5.2 Released!

Just to let you know we used Windows Server Monitor yesterday. We were able to monitor our servers in no time
Joel Margolis Network Manager
We are really happy with your live technical support. I was not expecting anyone to pick up the phone.
Chris Leonard Systems Manager
Thank you for helping us in installation and configuration. We wanted to monitor our servers CPU utilization.
Ellery Stuart Technology Manager
The software works great, got it installed and running very quickly.
Steve Wagner Senior Network Engineer