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Active Directory Import Export

Active Directory Import Export is designed for IT Administrator to
quickly bulk export and import Active Directory Users Accounts, Groups,
Membership, OUs and other Users Attributes from an existing domain
import into a new domain.

  • Key Features
  • Export and Import Uers Accounts from one
    Domain to another.
  • Export and Import Groups
  • Export and Import Contacts
  • Migrate Computer Accounts to another Domain
  • Create Reports on Active Directory Objects
Ver 5.2 Released!

Active Directory Import Export is available in two Versions Standard and Professional.Please see the product comparsion chart below for the details on features available in both versions.

Active Directory Import Export Product Comparison



Export and Import User Accounts
Export and Import Groups
Export and Import Groups memberships
Export and Import OUs
Export and Import Contacts
Export and Import other AD attributes
Utility to import user accounts and password from a cvs/text file
Utility to generate Users and Contacts report
Utility to generate Group membership report