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Active Directory Import Export

Active Directory Import Export is designed for IT Administrator to
quickly bulk export and import Active Directory Users Accounts, Groups,
Membership, OUs and other Users Attributes from an existing domain
import into a new domain.

  • Key Features
  • Export and Import Uers Accounts from one
    Domain to another.
  • Export and Import Groups
  • Export and Import Contacts
  • Migrate Computer Accounts to another Domain
  • Create Reports on Active Directory Objects
Ver 5.2 Released!

Here is what some of our customers have to say about our products.

I have tried using Microsoft LDIFDE utility to simply export and import User accounts from one Active Directory to another. Each time my effort was wasted after spending hours searching, reading, and getting the tool to work. I came across ActiveDirectoryExport and it worked effortlessly the first time. I did not have to worry about any complicated commands and switches.
Chris Griggs, Owner NJ Cardiovascular Surgical Associates
We used Active Directory Import Export Software during our server upgrade. We have been extremely satisfied with the result and personal service we have received. Our phone calls were returned promptly and our problems solved immediately. We would highly recommend Active Directory Import Export software.
Joe Williams IT Administrator
As a small non-profit, we were looking for an affordable software which would allow us to migrate our users from Active Directory. We found that product in Active Directory Import Export. Live tech support was great. Thank you.
Yu Sing Director, Marketing & Membership
Hope House has had a very positive experience working with Active Directory Import Export software. We have seamlessly migrated our Windows 2003 server to Windows 2008 platform.
Andy Salazar CTO
We are extremely satisfied with Active Directory Import Export tool. The level of technical support service they have provided to us exceeded our expectations.
David Clooney Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer
Recently we did an upgrade of our Windows 2003 server to Windows 2008. We created a new domain. We needed to export our 300 users to new domain. First we tried Microsoft command line utilities and scripts. It was time consuming and a learning curve was involved. We then found this tool and within minutes we transferred all our Organizational units and Users to new domain. It saved us a lot of time.
Chuck Femino IT Administrator
Their highly competent staff truly understood what we were trying to do. They helped us migrating all our users to new Active Directory.
Karla Issa Director IT Operations
We came across this tool while we were searching for a quick way to export users from one active directory and transfer to another domain. We called tech support and were connected to live support right away. That itself gave us some confidence in the product. They held our hand and walked us through the entire process.
Jim Luedecker Web Systems Manager
Thank you for saving me time in exporting quite a lot of Users from 2003 domain to 2008 Domain. Interface was intuitive. I would recommend that go to next step and try to export and import actual user profiles data.
Eric Mendelbaum
I needed a simple and efficient tool to migrate my groups and their memberships to a new windows 2008 server. Active directory did the job in literally few minutes. Thank you.
Gavatnar Vatapan